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KUDCHADKER NURSING HOME is one of the best private hospitals in Goa,India with a large staff for the patients' needs .A large number of doctors from all over India visit this hospital

The hospital is situated at Navelim , a cool and quiet town situated 1 Km from Margao ,Goa's one of the busiest cities and 32 Km from Panaji ,Capital city of Goa.

The hospital boasts of 100% success rate in all the operations in the past 10 years .


Dr Ajay & Dr Jayesh Kudchadker

All the doctors are available for 24 hrs service in the hospital in this 30 bedded hospital

The following Doctors are available for 24 Hrs in the hospital

1. Dr. Ajay Govind Kudchadker. M.D ,D.G.O(Bom)

2. Dr. Maya Ajay Kudchadker MBBS. MD(Bom)

3. Dr.Jayesh Govind Kudchadker MBBS.MS(Bom)

4. Dr.Amulya Govind Kudchadker MBBS.DCH(Bom)

5. Dr.Nivedit Ajay Kudchadker MBBS.(Goa).

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